Welcome to our comprehensive collection of templates designed to support various roles in the digital marketing industry. Each template is tailored to specific needs and utilizes Google products such as Google Sheets and Google Docs.

Whether you're a Digital Marketing Manager, Content Marketing Manager, SEO Specialist, Social Media Manager, or any other role, we have templates to streamline your workflows and enhance productivity.

Digital Marketing Manager:

Content Marketing Manager:

SEO Specialist:

  • Keyword Research Template
  • SEO Audit Checklist
  • SEO Performance Dashboard

Social Media Manager:

  • Social Media Content Calendar
  • Social Media Post Template
  • Social Media Report Template
  • Community Management Response Library
  • Social Media Design Templates
  • Influencer Outreach Template
  • Crisis Communication Template
  • Content Approval Template

Paid Media Manager:

  • Paid Media Campaign Brief
  • Advertising Creative Brief
  • Ad Copy Template
  • Landing Page Template
  • Performance Report Template
  • A/B Testing Template
  • Budget Allocation Template
  • Competitor Analysis Template

Email Marketing Specialist:

  • Email Campaign Template
  • Email Performance Report Template

Analytics Manager:

  • KPI Dashboard Template
  • Monthly Analytics Report Template

Web Developer/Designer:

  • Website Wireframe Template
  • Style Guide Template

Graphic Designer:

  • Design Request Form
  • Design Style Guide Template


  • Creative Brief Template
  • Copywriting Style Guide

CRM Manager:

  • Customer Segmentation Template
  • Customer Journey Map Template
  • CRM Report Template

Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist:

  • Conversion Funnel Analysis Template
  • A/B Testing Plan Template

Influencer Marketing Specialist:

  • Influencer Brief Template
  • Influencer Performance Report Template

Digital PR Manager:

  • Press Release Template
  • Media Contact Database Template

Project Manager (to oversee digital marketing initiatives):

  • Project Brief Template
  • Project Status Report Template

Feel free to explore each category and select the templates that align with your requirements. These templates will help you streamline your work processes, improve efficiency, and achieve your digital marketing goals.